About Us

Ko Tai Trading Company, with its business primarily based in Hong Kong and China, specializes in weaving, dyeing, printing and processing. Our team, one of the well-established in the industry, comprise of professional management and technical personnel. We have established our own Standard Operation System and Quality Control System to assure that every single step of the production is under our full control and produced to its highest quality. To cope with the ever-changing textile technology, our team are constantly evaluating and integrating the latest innovations to our systems with the utmost aim of meeting the needs and satisfaction of our customers.


On Time Delivery

With an established On Time Delivery System and the co-operation of our departments, we are confident and able to deliver the products on time.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and timely delivery have always been our prime objective. Utmost meaures are taken to maintain high quality standard across all the stages of production.